Helping keep our classrooms & pine forests healthy 

Each winter as children learn to trap their sneezes and manage runny noses with tissues they can be sure that one brand, KLEENEX® Brand, has gone to significant lengths to support good flu hygiene and also the health of New Zealand’s pine forests, which are the chosen nesting ground and home for the majority of Kãrearea, the native bird on our $20 banknote.

Since 2005 SNEEZESAFE® Healthy Classrooms teaching resources have been made available by KLEENEX® Tissues to schools FREE to download. With make-believe sneezes using water spray and bubbles, and ‘infectious’ hand-shakes using glitter, kids learn how and why to: TRAP IT, BIN IT, WASH IT. The simple lesson teaches children good flu hygiene habits.

The SNEEZESAFE® Healthy Forests lesson aims to help children understand the importance for New Zealand of keeping pine forests healthy, which in turn helps look after threatened Kãrearea (New Zealand Falcon). The lesson also encourages children to get involved by learning to identify the bird and report sightings.

The team at KLEENEX® Tissues  invites you to download your SNEEZESAFE® Healthy Classrooms teaching resources for Terms 1 and 2 ready for winter colds and flu, and the SNEEZESAFE® Healthy Forests lesson plan and letter from Wingspan for Terms 3 and 4 helping children learn about Kãrearea during their nesting season.

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